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Almost 25 years old, asking my parents if I can sleep in their bed with them. I had thought I was going to be the 25th Prime Minister of Canada. Things had changed. 10 years later, I was still a scared little boy. The time had come to slap myself awake. One Saturday morning, November 19th, 2009, I declared to the world I would be riding my 10 year-old motorcycle from Vancouver, BC Canada to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, and back.

The official departure was August 28th, 2010. A group of well-wishers saw me off at 8:03 am.

I arrived in Rio de Janeiro around 6 pm March 1st, 2011.

My return to Vancouver came on July 5th, 2011 about 2:00 pm.

Drug & alcohol abuse, ADD, social anxiety, health, chronic pain, night terrors.

So many concerns. But I am far more interested in this question: Do I have the capacity to make this trip despite all my shortcomings?

My mission: To inspire myself to face my fears, enlighten myself on how all living things can peacefully co-exist, enjoy every moment, and see the world as plentiful and generous.

Go ahead. Call me crazy. Call me anything you like.

I'm out to save my world.


Questions, comments, concerns, threats? Contact me:

The Fundamentals of Thought

There are three conditions of existence. These three conditions comprise life. They are be, do and have.

He himself cannot obtain enough identity to feel he has an identity. Identity is so scarce that its too valuable. Nobody must have one. To be with such a person is therefore an uncomfortable experience since he does not credit our identity, does not grant us beingness.

Usually yellow and brown people, the white does not usually believe he can get attention from matter or objects. The yellow and brown believe for the most part, and it is all a matter of consideration, that rocks, trees, walls, etc. can give them attention. The white man seldom believes this and so is likely to become anxious about people.

Attention is a method of knowing. Inattention is a method of notknowing.

An artist stops his work when he believes he can no longer create an effect.

When a man has a problem very thoroughly and cant solve it, he really has too few problems. He needs more. The insanity among the idle is a matter of problem scarcity.

Despite the amount of suffering, pain, misery, sorrow, and travail which can exist in life, the reason for existence is the same reason as one has to play a game, interest, contest, activity and possession.

If a thetan can suffer from anything, it is being outcreated. The manifestations of being outcreated would be the destructino of his own creations and the overpowering presence of other creations. Thus a thetan can be brought to believe that he is trapped if he is outcreated.

excerpts from Scientology the fundamentals of thought

my note check out wikipedias history on L. Ron Hubbard to see what the guy behind these words, and what he was really like

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