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Almost 25 years old, asking my parents if I can sleep in their bed with them. I had thought I was going to be the 25th Prime Minister of Canada. Things had changed. 10 years later, I was still a scared little boy. The time had come to slap myself awake. One Saturday morning, November 19th, 2009, I declared to the world I would be riding my 10 year-old motorcycle from Vancouver, BC Canada to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, and back.

The official departure was August 28th, 2010. A group of well-wishers saw me off at 8:03 am.

I arrived in Rio de Janeiro around 6 pm March 1st, 2011.

My return to Vancouver came on July 5th, 2011 about 2:00 pm.

Drug & alcohol abuse, ADD, social anxiety, health, chronic pain, night terrors.

So many concerns. But I am far more interested in this question: Do I have the capacity to make this trip despite all my shortcomings?

My mission: To inspire myself to face my fears, enlighten myself on how all living things can peacefully co-exist, enjoy every moment, and see the world as plentiful and generous.

Go ahead. Call me crazy. Call me anything you like.

I'm out to save my world.


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You been talking in your sleep

Did I mention I've been a sleep talker since the age of 6? Oh, and sleep walking and sleep destroying as well. My first horrific memory is crashing onto my brand new Snoopy racetrack from Christmas, and destroying it beyond repair, as I ran right through it in a sleep-induced haze. This 'condition' ran it's course, as a humiliating screaming episode at a popular kid's sleep over, and a culmination in 3rd year University as I ran through a plate glass window, not realizing I had a 1" deep gash in my right arm that didn't start bleeding till I got into the dorm bathroom, and woke up at least 4 of my floor mates. Some of the most embarrassing moments of my life, but certainly experiences that have humbled, perturbed, and ultimately affected my entire experience of existence. That being said, I have never physically harmed another human being in my sleep. This is a non-sequitor if I do. Actually, for some reason, I am aware of who is sleeping beside me, and intrinsically know they are not to be harmed. That being said, if I had experienced some awful thing growing up, like rape or physical abuse, things could be different. If I were a judge, one of the most difficult cases to decide on would be murder. Even if one were 'awake' when they murdered someone, what if they were simply 'asleep' to their own social responsibilities, a temporary black out? Should we punish people for the rest of their existence for something that has been proven to be part of the human condition. Does a lion get put on trial for killing a gazelle?

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  1. The difference between going to bed and going to sleep.
    Let it go as Buddha said. LET IT GO.


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